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In Just Twelve Minutes You’ll Discover The Most Jealously Guarded Moron-Proof Life-Changing Secrets To Making REAL Money And Living Life Exactly As You want Including….

  • The lazy b*stard’s way to obscene income. Discover these monstrously profitable ‘money-pump’ businesses that literally pump gobs of cash into your bank account almost on autopilot
  • A multi-millionaire’s  proven step-by-step cash building formula for starting your own profit-producing business on a shoestring. Use this paint by numbers system and within weeks you’ll be sticking two fingers up at your boss …..
  • How having a regular job can be the absolutely worst thing for your financial future.
  • What a penniless doofus can teach you about making money and why thousands have flocked to hear him speak and have never looked back.
  • How ten ridiculously simple ‘half-baked’ ideas made their creators stinking rich. And how they did it starting with less than nothing.
  • The insider’s secret to living your life exactly as you want . Very few people know this…

It happened only yesterday…….

Mike was just checking his email to kill time before boarding his plane at Heathrow when he heard a strangely familiar voice from behind.

“Mike, my man!”

Mike couldn’t believe it.  It was Steve, his best mate from school. He hadn’t seen him for over ten years and they’d lost touch.

But meeting up it seemed liked they’d met only couple of days ago.

They caught up on old times and Steve gave Mike the low down on what he’d been up to since leaving school. Then, out of the blue,  he said:

“Mike, I couldn’t help catching a glimpse of your bank balance on the screen.  Jeez,  you win the lottery or somethin’?”

Mike went brain dead for a moment.

You see, it wasn’t his bank balance Steve had seen on the screen. But an invoice Mike was about to send out to one of his customers for a couple of hours ‘work.’

He didn’t want to make a big thing about it and he knew Steve wouldn’t believe him anyway. So he just shrugged his shoulders and said he was in the middle of moving home and it was the proceeds from the sale of his house.

Steve smiled. ” Thought so”, he said, “cos  I was thinking it would take me an age to save up that amount of money.  I mean, you’d have to be some kind of conjuror to magic up that kind of cash in a whole year”.

Mike smiled sheepishly. “Yeah, I suppose so….”

But deep down he felt uneasy. Really uneasy.

The Tale Of Two A-Level Students

You see, Mike simply couldn’t tell his old friend that what he saw on the computer screen was just a fraction of what he actually pulled in month after month.

And that feeling of discomfort grew more acute.

Here’s why.

Steve had always busted a gut to excel. He’d always worked furiously hard and was also one of life’s so called ‘high flyers’, getting himself 4 A star A levels and bagging himself a Double First Class Honours at university. Steve had gone on to secure a string of progressively senior jobs since leaving. And now he was pulling in over £6,000 a month.

Mike, on the other hand was nothing special, just an average, ordinary ‘bloke’. School reports were nothing to shout about. And he just ‘got by’ never doing exceptionally well. That is until he knuckled down and got his parents a Masters degree. But he was about to embark on the 9 – 5 ‘living death’ treadmill when he made a startling life changing discovery.

But more on that later…….

Fact is, Steve was proud of his achievements and he’d been raised on the belief that your money making potential is determined by your level of academic prowess and achievement.

And that you had to sweat blood and tears to make the big bucks.

Now, please pardon my English, but that’s absolute and total b*llocks.

I ask you, does a single sheet of paper or some alphabet soup after your name really determine how much you’re worth?

Gimme a break!

And Mike actually felt sorry for his old mate.

Sure, the Steve was making what many people would call good money. And he’s got all the trappings of status and prestige. You know, like a big car, semi in a leafy suburb and all of the rest of it.

But at what price?

The poor sod worked brutally hard to get his degrees and now he’s working harder than ever. And he’s got all of this to show for it:

Twelve hour days cooped up in the office. Stress , anxiety, pressure. All that responsibility and accountability. A massive mortgage wrapped around his neck which he won’t be able to get rid off for another twenty years. Never seeing his kids. And having to work 48 weeks solid each year just to get four weeks rest.

But you know the worst thing?

Thousands of people would give their right arm to be in Steve’s shoes.

No kidding!

Because Steve’s relatively well off compared to hundred of thousands of others. Like decent hard working people trying hard to make more than a modest wage only for some bastard to come along and take most of it away. Or others who are feeling trapped in boring, crummy jobs paying peanuts, jobs they can’t escape because they need the money to pay their debts.

Sound familiar?

It doesn’t seem fair does it?

All that crap, and for what?

Now by ‘working’ smart rather than hard George is making good money. And he’s doing it in just a couple of days each month. ‘Well off’ Steve would have to work ten times as hard for a whole year just to make what Mike makes in a month.

Who would you rather be?

I know who I’d be. But there’s a price.

People think Mike is an odd ball because he doesn’t ‘fit in’ and subscribe to ‘normal’ rules of society.

He’s had to suffer crap like:

“When are you gonna get a proper job?”

“Why are you wasting so much time listening to so called ‘experts’ spouting b*llocks”.

He’s also had to suffer the envy from his friends and neighbours.

But when all’s said and done, I’d still rather be Mike. What about you?

So What made the difference?

It’s actually pretty obvious.

Mike chose to believe that money can be made easily. And he chose to live his life exactly as he wanted.

Like going virtually wherever he wanted for as long as he wanted – and not caring a fig about what was going on while he was away.

Or just kicking back on the beach and having a ball.

No stress, no worries, no money headaches.

Fact is, he was sick of being pushed around by society’s rules and senseless conventions, sick of being enslaved by his boss and dictated to by the Government, and sick of being manipulated by the media.

He was also fed up with not having enough to pay off his bills and live comfortably.

He wanted to take control of his life and do what he wanted as a law abiding citizen. He wanted to grab his financial destiny by the scruff of the neck and actually make real money…..

And he realised…..

Making Money Is Simple !

The simple truth is life doesn’t have to be a struggle. You can make money on demand. Steve holds on to the false belief that everyone has to earn a living. And he’d allowed himself to be ‘brainwashed’ into thinking that only the lucky few can ever be rich, powerful and free.

Yep – Making Money is actually very simple.

Don’t believe me?

Then consider the following.

By following the secrets I’m about to reveal David Daish made more in one week than he made previously in two months with his ‘well paid’ job.

Frazer Fernhead generated £400,000 in just 8 months following these principles.

Tony Fox had moved from his one bedroom flat to his dream home.

John Golders life had been going nowhere and he had been drowning in almost a £150,000 of debt.

When I last heard of his fate he was over one hundred grand to the good and very happy! That’s a total income of over £250,000 in under 2 years by my reckoning and this guy had no previous moneymaking experience!

In fact over twenty thousand people were privy to this secret. And they’ve all experienced a high degree of success.

Now if you think this is all too good to be true, then there is something I should say. Just because all the people made serious money and changed their lives doesn’t mean you will.

You see, there’s a funny thing about ideas, systems or secrets.

They don’t work unless you do.

And that means you will actually have to get off the sofa, and actually take action. I know, shocking, isnt it?

You’ll actually have to put what I’m about to reveal to you into practice.

Still reading? Great!

So What’s the Secret?

I shan’t keep you in suspense any longer. It’s the Inner Circle.

This is the brainchild Stuart Goldsmith, author of the international best seller The Midas Method, Privacy – How to Live A Private Life Free Of Big Brother Interference – and The Seven Secrets of the Millionaires.

You may have seen this guy on television or heard him on the radio. His books have sold tens of thousands of copies worldwide and have been translated into several languages.

But here’s the thing. Since Inner circle was first created over twenty thousand people – yes, that’s twenty thousand ! – have radically transformed their financial fortunes.

George was one of them.

They decided to join a select group dedicated to improving the lives of its members under the guidance of an individual with vast money making business and wealth building experience .

But first there’s something I think you should know.

Stuart Goldsmith is a multi-millionaire.

“So what?”, you might ask.

Well, would you want to learn about making money from someone who’s broke?

No, I wouldn’t either.

Also, Stuart didn’t inherit his wealth. He made every penny of it, starting from nothing, running his own business and building it up – and this is the only way as far as I’m aware (apart from luck, crime or marrying it) to make serious money.

This guy actually “walks the talk” and the Inner Circle is based on his own personal experience – the very same experience that propelled him from a self professed penniless, no hope doofus to a multi-millionaire with a £10 million fortune in less than eight years.

As you read this letter you’ll come to see why The Inner Circle really is a truly astounding opportunity.

An amazing opportunity to……

Flood Your Bank Account With Your Own Non Stop High Profit ‘Money-Pump’

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Let’s get down to some straight talking.

Chances are you want to make money. A lot more.

Am I right?

Thought so. But did you know that there are only two legal ways to make a lot of money?

Yes, just two:

i) Start and run your own business.

ii) Sit back and rely on luck (lottery, pools, marrying into money or getting an inheritance)

There’s no other way. And I don’t care what you may have heard. You’ll never make the big bucks working for someone else!

Think about it.

Every business owner is in business to make a profit and to make money. That means he or she will give YOU, the employee, the absolute MINIMUM he or she can get away with. And they do this for one reason and one reason only – to pay themselves the MAXIMUM they can.

Isn’t it about time the tables were turned in YOUR favour?

I think so.

As a member of the Inner Circle you’ll be exposed to several obscenely profitable ‘money-pump’ profit plans and opportunities. All with just one goal – to make you a lot more money than you’re making today.

Ideally you should aim to work half as hard and get twice the money.

And thousands of people are doing exactly this, so why not you?

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, by ‘money-pump’ business, I mean a business with four knockout advantages:

  • Its a perfect fit to you and your personality.
  • It keeps pumping cash into your bank account almost on autopilot, 24 hours a day with minimum input from you. (All businesses require some work of course, but the trick is to work smart and not hard – Inner Circle will show you how).
  • It can be run from home initially and started with absolute rock-bottom minimum money – preferably zero. Over 91{ed43385e881d693908f2917d8e5c650dff33584343c3005c120983b45bf5e94e} of all Inner Circle members were flat broke before they decided to join. Let’s face it, it’s easy to make money if you’ve got a lot already.
  • It can at least double whatever you’re making now. Preferably ten times. It should also have the potential to make you independently wealthy one day. By ‘independently wealthy’ I mean you have enough ‘in the bank’ so that you can live off the interest and never have to work again if you don’t want to. Currently, the absolute minimum you need to count yourself in this category is $400,000.

OK, let me ask you this — if you were passionate about golf , and Tiger Woods offered you one-on-one personal coaching, how much would your golf game improve as a result?

Tremendously, wouldn’t you think?

Now imagine you had the opportunity to have Stuart Goldsmith, a self-made millionaire with over ten years experience of advising over 23,435 students – give you one-on-one personal coaching and guidance on how he amassed his fortune and how you too can do the same.

What kind of effect would that have on your bank balance?

How much do you think your life would change?

Massively, wouldn’t you think?

Here’s Just Sample Of The Closely Guarded Secrets Revealed In this Astonishing Life Changing Course

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  • Stuart’s electrifying step-by-step formula for starting your own business and how to get up and running for under $160. Just like he did when he first started 20 years ago.
  • Even a cretin could make money if they were given a large amount to start with. But in his long experience of counselling success-seekers Stuart realized that most people just don’t have much spare cash to start out. And Stuart demolishes that barrier by showing you exactly how to make money on a shoestring.
  • The scandalous con-tricks used by the government, your boss and the media to keep you in poverty, trapped and helpless.
  • Once you know these con tricks you’ll realise you don’t need to be taken in any more. You’ll recognise the bastard lies and half truths for what they are and you’ll start to call your own shots. This will give you tremendous power.
  • You’ll learn why you stay poor and trapped, and how to break free from it. You’ll discover what Stuart calls this the ‘Pharaoh Principle.’ If a ‘Pharaoh’ can con you and other slaves into sacrificing your life-efforts, then the ‘Pharaoh’ can obviously enjoy more of the good things in life, and you get to enjoy LESS.
  • How to get out of debt and stay out. Debt is your deadliest enemy. Your precious resources are leeched away in debt-service, locking you into a cycle of poverty.
  • Be warned – you need to get angry in order to break free of debt. A wishy-washy, half-hearted approach simply wont do the trick. Believe me, Stuart will make you angry enough!
  • Inner Circle will give you the roadmap to personal power and wealth as you unmask illusion after illusion and ‘wake up’ to the brutal truth.
  • You’ll discover exactly, in precise detail, how Stuart Goldsmith made his fortune in paper and electronic publishing and why this is one of the best businesses on the planet. This part of the course is effectively a blueprint which you can pick up and follow, if you so desire.
  • There is a very great deal of money to be made in publishing (Internet or more traditional ‘paper and ink’ – the principles are the same). This part of the course explains all the inside secrets and tricks of the trade it took Stuart a decade to learn the hard way.

Four Super Fast Action Bonuses
Yours FREE To Keep
, No Matter WHAT!”  



The Confidential Wealth Report
(£197 value)

  • Complete details of ten ‘foolish’ ideas which made their creators rich.These are ordinary men and women who started with nothing and came up with an idea which made them wealthy.These stories are an inspiration to you (if these ordinary people can do it, so can you), and also act to trigger other great ideas in your own mind so that you can follow their success.
  • A further ten practical blueprints for ‘money pump’ businesses.These are simple business ideas which are working right now for people and which have plenty of room left in the market place.
  • A further 50 ‘brainstorming’ ideas to act as a trigger for selecting your own ‘money-pump.’

The Wealth Report builds up over the ten months into a cash-generating sourcebook which will give you:

  • 100 ‘foolish’ ideas which made their creators rich;
  • 100 ‘blueprint’ real, working businesses any one of which you can choose for yourself plus
  • 500 ‘brainstorming’ businesses (a brief outline on each).

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Your second bonus is Stuart’s best seller, The Midas Method ( $47 value) This book is yours to keep free, even if you decide to drop out at any time.

Here are just a few of the life changing secrets that you will discover……..

  • The no. 1 most vital secret for financial success – without this your efforts to get rich are doomed to fail
  • The incredible 3 minute exercise that brings almost magical results
  • The amazing factor that accounts for a MASSIVE 50{ed43385e881d693908f2917d8e5c650dff33584343c3005c120983b45bf5e94e} of the pathway to success.
  • The powerful secret behind what people say to you and how they say it – and how you could be unwittingly programmed for failure.
  • The one vital question you absolutely must ask yourself to get whatever you want in life.
  • The step by step blueprint to  become financially free.
  • The sorry tale of the man who appeared to have everything but always ended up creating bad luck at vital points in his life. Discover the reasons behind this man’s failure and how you can turn this knowledge to your advantage.
  • The most important factor for achieving total success and why you already have this in abundance.

With the Midas Method you can achieve virtually ANYTHING and its not just limited to making money. Here are just a few of the things you could do, listed in order of  difficulty.

For example, you could:

  •   Make a million dollars.
  •   Give up work completely.
  •   Get the house you really want.
  •   Get the car you really want.
  •   Buy a boat or holiday home.
  •   Eat in expensive restaurants.
  •   Wear the best clothes.
  •   Take as much holiday as you want to.
  •   Visit any foreign country you want to.
  •   Pay yourself any salary you want to.
  •   Buy yourself time to do the things you REALLY want to do.
  •   Write a novel/play/music/poetry.
  •   Learn something new (languages, musical instrument, driving, flying etc).
  •   Change your job. Do something you REALLY want to do.
  •   Start your own business.
  •   Have time for your hobbies and interests.
  •   Have happy relationships with people.
  •   Allow yourself quiet time to meditate, philosophise or just think.
  •   Start to be calm, content, and truly happy.
  •   Start to remove all of your negative character traits.
  •   Improve your positive character traits.
  •   Have people like, admire and respect you.
  •   Have no enemies, only friends.

This is quite a long and impressive list isn’t it? Yet you can achieve any of the things on this list using only the methods given in this book.

The Midas Method  requires no capital, works equally well for old and young and does not require any special talents or abilities. Anyone can use The Midas Method  to improve their lives. And its yours absolutely FREE when you join the Inner Circle.

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OK So, How Much Is All This Gonna Cost Me?





Clients have paid Stuart over £3000 a day at seminars to hear the hard hitting wealth building, freedom and personal power advice you’ll get as a member of the Inner Circle.

So how much would all this be worth to you?

What dollar value would you put on financial freedom?

Think about using this material in your life and you’ll feel real power.

As you consider the full value of all of this you’d probably expect to pay thousands of pounds or more.

The Inner Circle membership has been closed for a number of years and costs at £20/month and the releases are delivered offline.

However, because this is a digital product, you benefit from our low overheads, and you can access the Inner Circle for just £4.97 .


Priority Your Solutions
Order Form

YES! I want these exact strategies to boost my business.

  • I understand I will be billed $37 today to receive immediate access to the “Your Solutions membership site
  • I will receive instant access to all training modules which I can watch at anytime 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world
  • I can refund for any reason or no reason whatsoever within the next 30 days

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If you think about it, you really can ‘t attach a price tag on this gateway into a life of power, freedom and wealth. How much is the ability to make money at will, and do it while you sleep worth to you?

How about:

  • More time to spend with the people you want to spend time with.

  • More money to buy things for your loved ones and increase the quality of your life?

  • More time to do the things you’ve ALWAYS wanted to do but never got to do

  • Never having to wake up to an alarm clock

  • Being able to take the 60 second commute to work, working as and WHEN you please

  • Being able to take holidays whenever you want and make money while you’re away.

    So at £4.97/month this decision is in fact a “non-decision.”

Of course you might still be sceptical and think everything I’ve outlined is a pile of horseshit.  So I think I owe it to you to let you know that…

It doesn’t bother me if you decide to enrol or not. Honestly, it doesn’t.

Fact is I’m a member of the Inner Circle and I will continue to benefit from Stuart’s advice and principles whether you join US or not.

Think about it.

I got you to read up to this point. Now, hundreds of others will visit this page and while some may decide not to take me up on this opportunity to change their lives, a significant proportion will do.

The choice to transform your life is yours. Everything you need to make a decision is contained in this letter.

The choice is yours.

I hope you make the right one.

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